The Pink Patreon is Launched!

VK Lynne: performer, poet, and Priestess of Pink. 💗 (Now, what does that mean???)

Well, for me, ‘pink’ is more than a color; it represents creativity, joy, love, and community. And couldn’t we use more of ALL of that!?
The way in which artists are able to present their ‘pinks’ is changing, and, in some ways, for the better! Now we have more freedom to do the work we love, and to bring it to YOU more quickly.

I’ve always been an artist who works in multiple mediums- and often I’ve had to focus on releasing one type of piece at a time in order to “do things the right way.” But now, with Patreon, we can cut out the middle man and do things OUR way.

There are 5 tiers of monthly support that you can jump on, from $1 per month to $50 per month. That backing will got towards releasing my songs that don’t “fit” the mold, my books and poems that aren’t necessarily mainstream, and my video pieces that can only be described as ‘performance art.’

These things might have never seen daylight without the strength of THIS community. And so YOU will get access to them- and to me- first!

So, let’s get artsy, let’s get fancy, let’s get innovative, and let’s get PINK!

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