Audiobook release this fall featuring 17 artists!!!

A little less than a year ago, I was at the Jentel Foundation in Wyoming, writing my new poetry book.
As the weeks passed, it became very clear to me that this book was the second half of the story that began in ‘Crisis’.
Then, one night while making dinner (Ok, Madelin was making dinner; I was drinking wine), we got into a discussion about the requests I’ve gotten to record an audiobook and my radically fast speaking voice. Post-dinner, the idea hit me like a lightning bolt in the shower (where all the best ideas occur) and today I am happy to announce that I am in the finishing stages of a multi-media work called:


Featuring the talents of Sean McHugh, Vito Viscuso, Christie Insley, Heather Wood, David Atkinson, Justin Lee Dixon, Arno Nurmisto, Justin Hoekstra, Madelin Coit, Anthony Pinata, Mary Zimmer, Nancy Atkinson, Stephen Lyons, Renee Piechocki, Grace Méridan, and myself, this is the largest collaborative work I’ve ever undertaken!

The audiobook will feature BOTH Part 1: Crisis, and Part 2: Revelation, PLUS my new original song entitled Resurrection, produced by Arno Nurmisto. Also included are original art pieces by Justin Hoekstra, Anthony Pinata, and Madelin Coit, three of the incredible artists I lived with for a magical month in Wyoming. 🙂

Cover art was hand-drawn by my dear friend and multi-talented artist himself, Nesto Rhea.

Audio production has been beautifully handled by Vito Viscuso

will be available in digital AND hard copy, so stay tuned for the release date!!!!

Artist: Nest Rhea
Artist: Nest Rhea

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